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Professor, James Barry, Barry School of Real Estate, Concord, NH.James Barry holds the designation of Certified Property Manager. Jim started out owning his own construction company at the age of 16. He was used to long hours and hard work. While attending college, Jim worked the graveyard shift on the Mass Pike. In 1970, Jim went to work for RM Bradley in Boston as a Property Manager, where he managed many apartment buildings throughout the city.

Eventually, Jim went to work for a large insurance company that had acquisitions throughout the US. Jim found himself managing 55,000 units in 48 of the United States. In addition, Jim found himself in charge of 60 shopping centers, many apartment complexes, a number of office buildings, country clubs and mobile home parks.

Jim went from Property Manager to Regional Manger, where he supervised PM’s. He was dynamic with his excellent communication skills and ability to delegate, motivate and accomplish objectives through the efforts of subordinates. Jim moved from Regional Manager, to Asset Manager. His job was working with the investment and financial planning aspects of the entire portfolio of the company.

Having worked his way to the top, Jim was an Executive Manager responsible for the entire real estate portfolio representing billions of dollars in assets. His responsibilities included supervision of property supervisors, accounting divisions, and maintenance departments.

Jim has supervised numerous property managers and has managed multi-billion-dollar portfolios. Jim’s specialty became taking distressed properties, and turning the project around so it soon began making huge amounts of capital.

Jim has taught at colleges and universities in New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts. He is the founder of The Barry School of Real Estate based out of Concord, New Hampshire.

Today Jim does property management consultation for industries and individuals in the United States.

Susan Barry, Barry School of Real Estate, Concord, NH.

Susan Barry holds degrees from Rochester Institute of Technology and Russell Sage. Her dual major was in Marketing and Management. Susan is accredited as the first woman in the United States to work with Farmer’s Home Administration in building a multi unit complex consisting of townhouses and flats. Susan worked with all aspects of the development of the project.

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